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Serious Games Increasing Science and Technology Museums’ Profile

Ace Academy: Black Flight, developed by Seed Interactive in partnership with the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, has won gold honors in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Museum category.
The Museum had two overarching goals, which included increasing the profile of the museum and extending content to the digital realm. The developers’ challenge was to produce titles that explored the relationship between entertainment and education, while creating games that are competitive in the cluttered mobile landscape.
Seed Interactive and the Canada Science & Technology Museums Corporation decided to co-create a publishing company called Illumination Gamesto explore self-funded titles and to understand the mobile game ecosystem. By merging the Museum’s historical research and interpretation expertise with the interactive genius of SEED, they have been able to generate a number of engaging experiences.
Ace Academy: Black Flight is the second mobile…
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Four Studios Receive Gold For Table Top Serious Games

Four Studios Receive Gold for Table Top Learning Games In International Serious Play Awards
LOS ANGELES - July 17, 2017 - Four game companies received a gold ranking for table top learning games designed for education or training in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards competition.
Entry categories included Corporate, Government/Military, Healthcare, K-6 Education, 7-12 Education, Higher Education and Museums.
Winners are:
Gold: Bridgebuilders, created by Workz (Business)Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront Reintegration & Resilience game from Trance4mation Games (Healthcare)Cycles, created by Catlilli Games (K-6 Education)Cards Against Calamity, created by 1st Playable for the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Museums and Visitor Centers)Silver: Will it? from Catlilli Games (K-6 Education)Recharge Beyond the Bars: the Reentry Game created by Trance4mation Games (Government)Bronze: Save that Sale! cr…

Fantasy Serious Game To Apply Cross-Functional Business Concepts

Business Battle, developed by Wrainbo, has won gold honors in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Corporate category.
Business Battle is a fantasy strategy game that features business learning and simulation, suitable for college students as well as for adults. It was originally developed by Duke University MBA alumni and ex-McKinsey manager - thus by people who are experienced in business management. Designed and tested to build business acumen for its players, the game uses a world magic shop to teach how to apply business fundamentals in the real world.
Made with mesmerizing graphics and based in the ancient lands of wizards and steampunk robots, Business Battle appeals to players’ inner fantasy. As a turn-based strategy game, it is easy to play but hard to master. The Campaign mode features 10 fully developed levels with varied business learning concepts, and the Arena mode allows you to test your skills by competing with other players.
By casting a wide va…

Serious Games Market On Path To $8.1 Billion Revenues In 5 Years

Serious Games revenues are racing along on a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.2% globally, suggesting the industry will more than double to $8.1 billion by 2022, according to Metaari, the foremost analyst firm covering the market.  In 2017, global revenues will hit $3.2 billion, just for off-the-shelf products.
Sam Adkins, CEO, Metaari - Advanced Learning Technology Research, will provide highlights of his 96 page 2017-2022 Global Game-based Learning Market Report to attendees Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at Serious Play Conference, the annual gathering of the thought leaders in the industry, this year hosted by George Mason University.
Eight game-based learning buying segments are analyzed in the report: consumers, preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary and higher education institutions, federal government agencies, provincial/state and local government agencies, and corporations
The report also lists more than 300 suppliers operating across the globe t…

NEW STUDY: Actual Implementations Of Short Curricula Games In The Classroom

Legends of Learning Founder Vadim Polikov partnered with Vanderbilt University to conduct “Substantial Integration of Typical Educational Games into Extended Curricula,” a research study that explores actual implementations of short curricula games in the classroom (please find also The Case For Short-Form, Low-Cost Educational Serious Games).

The study was published in the Journal of the Learning Sciences (JLS), a leading educational research journal and one of the two official journals of the International Society of the Learning Sciences.
The study is the first of its kind to produce deep, wide-ranging, and statically significant data across a large variety of game types. It not only validates curriculum-based games, but it does so in a large, multi-state, diverse study cohort over a significant time period.
The research study shows that when used as part of the curriculum, simple standards-aligned games increase lesson retention and student engagement, and improve academic performance.…

Serious Games Driving Digital Offering Fluency

TD Digital Service Hero from TD Bank, developed by Launchfire, has won silver honors in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Corporate category.
TD Bank wanted to improve digital adoption and fluency among their customer base. However, because employees don't need to be TD customers and aren't allowed to use their mobile devices while at work, most weren't familiar with TD's digital offering. As a result, TD needed to engage their employees as on the value of their digital products, before asking them to sell it to customers.
TD Digital Service Hero works as a single, impressive platform for TD’s employees to become familiar with the bank’s digital products and convert them to digital offering evangelists.
By incentivizing players to experience the new market offering in a variety of contextual game-based learning settings through its different training modules (Digital Champion Quest, Role Playing and Simulations), the game quickly brings employ…

Nine Games Earn Gold in the 2017 International Serious Play Awards

LOS ANGELES - June 19, 2017 - Nine commercial "Serious Games" and academic institution led studios won gold in the International Serious Play Awardsthis year, a competition honoring outstanding digital games designed for education or training.  Entry categories included Corporate, Government/Military, Healthcare, K-6 Education, 7-12 Education, Higher Education and Museums.

"The winning games were high quality and very innovative this year. We had many close categories," Sue Bohle, executive director, Serious Play Conference, award sponsor, said.

Winners this year are:

Gold Business Battle from Wrainbo (Corporate)Child Witness Interview Simulator for UK Police developed by HighSkillz with The Open University UK (Corporate)Strike Group Defender from the Office of Naval Research, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Pipeworks Studio and Metateq (Government/Military)DragonBox BIG Numbers from WeWantToKnow AS (K-6 Ed)Sim Cell created by Strange Loop Games for Touch Press Games (7-12 Ed)